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Natural Ayurveda Hair Care Tips

Oct 27, 2017 0 comments
Natural Ayurveda Hair Care Tips
Ayurveda Hair Care Tips

Ayurveda Hair Care Tips for Naturally Healthy, Strong, Shiny Hair

Ayurveda hair care is much different that that of the west. Simple, all natural, plant based ingredients and oils are used to beautify hair naturally and equally important are lifestyle choices that promote health, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. 


What You Can Do to Restore Scalp and Hair Health

  • Do not over wash your hair; it is recommended to only wash hair once or twice a week
  • Brush your hair and your scalp throughout the day to stimulate your hair follicles
  • Oil your hair regularly with an all natural, vegan hair and scalp oil or you can also use organic, extra virgin coconut oil. 
  • Eat nutritious food! Nuts, fruits and vegetables that contain a variety of minerals and vitamins will help improve hair health. Especially choose those foods that are rich in antioxidants, zinc, vitamin D and protein. (Some of my favorites would be blueberries, almonds, leafy greens, fresh shredded coconut, olive oil).
  • Avoid foods that are hard to digest, refined sugars, junk and processed food!
In Ayurveda, it is recommended to only wash hair once or twice a week. While this might be difficult for some, over washing your hair can be counterproductive, it can strip your scalp of the natural oils that help grow hair and will in turn make your sebaceous gland overwork to create excess oil. Washing hair less often is ideal as it can help to recreate balance and like everything else, your hair also needs to be cared for in such a way that maintains balance. Imbalances in the doshas can lead to some of the following hair and scalp problems:
Vata Dosha: Imbalance for Vata can result in dry, brittle, frizzy hair and dandruff. 
Pitta Dosha: Imbalance for Pitta can result in itchniess of the scalp, hair loss, as well as prematurely grey hair.
Kapha Dosha: Imbalance with Kapha can result in dull hair with excessive oil secretions and oily dandruff. 
Balancing your dosha is an important step in working towards beautiful hair. If you don't know your Ayurvedic Dosha type, take our Dosha Quiz to find out what your dosha is and what steps you can take to restore balance. 
What natural recommendations do you have for beautiful hair? Share them in the comments below!
Sara Sonia, Owner & Creator 

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