Gives Back Program

Athara and Trees for Life

Athar'a Pure has a love affair with "Superfoods." We are absolutely intrigued and amazed by the health benefits, nutrients and the ability that Earth's natural plant sources have to heal, treat and cure - our skincare products are loaded with Superfoods and the only thing we love more than the natural goodness Earth gives us is children!

That's why we are proud and excited to have partnered up with Trees for Life to plant a true "Superfood," the Moringa Tree. Trees for Life works with impoverished villages around the world to plant these amazing life giving trees. It is truly the dream of Athar'a President - Sara Davoodi to help create a better world for poor children in need of nutrition, water and shelter. We know that this gesture of planting trees will not solve the world problems of hunger - but we hope that with your help, we can lessen the problem and make a real difference!

For Every 100 "likes" the Athar'a Facebook Fan Page receives - Athar'a partners with Trees for Life to plant a Moringa tree in an impoverished community. Why Moringa?

Morninga is often referred to as the "miracle tree" due to it's highly nutritional, medicinal and purifying properties. Though there isn't as much buzz about this tree and it is often undervalued, new research and attention is bringing more awareness to it's plethora of health benefits and ability to help improve the world hunger crisis.

Properties of the Moringa Tree:

  • Disease fighting Antioxidants

  • High amounts of protein

  • Phytonutrients

  • Full spectrum of vitamins

Benefits of the Moringa Tree:

  • Supports the immune system

  • Normalized functioning of liver and kidney

  • Provides nourishment to the eyes and brain

  • Increases overall wellness and promotes energy