Skincare Routine for Oily and Kapha Skin

Routine Suggestion for Oily Skin or Kapha Skin


Wash face with our Organic Neem Oil Soap ,our Herbal Skin Healing Cleanser or our Activated Charcoal Acne Soap

Apply Superfruit & Jasmine Antioxidant Face Cream (optional)

Apply Sunscreen (if going out)



Once or Twice a Month:

Give yourself a diy natural facial at home. Here are the steps:

  1. Cleanse skin with one of the skin cleansers listed above
  2.  Steam Face by wrapping hair in Towel and taking Steam on to face from a pot of boiling water. (make sure pot is off the stove!)
  3. Gently exfoliate with the Indian Glow Face Scrub and rinse scrub off
  4. Apply Eastern Goddess Neroli Toner
  5.   Apply Multan Acne Healing Mask or Moroccan Glow Detoxifying Face Mask to clean skin in an even layer.
  6. Remove mask once it begins to dry by washing it off with luke warm water.
  7. Mist face and neck again with Eastern Goddess Neroli Toner Spray
  8. Massage a few drops of Neem Healing Oil on face and neck


Weekly or Bi-Weekly

·         In addition to your monthly facial, you may use your face mask more regularly. You can use it weekly, bi-weekly and in some case even daily. It depends on your skin type. Apply Multan Acne Healing Mask or Moroccan Glow Detoxifying Face Mask to clean skin in an even layer (for best results apply mask after steaming face or after steamy shower – skin must be cleansed first)

Some Addition Notes on the All Natural Products for Oily Skin Mentioned Above:

  •   Neem Healing Oil should only be applied at night due to the citrus oils in the blend that can cause sun sensitivity (very mild if any, but better to be safe)
  • Do not hesitate to apply Neem Healing Oil on oily skin, oil dissolves oil, which means that the Neem Healing Oil will dissolve the bad oil your skin produces and trick your skin into thinking there is enough oil, thus you are less likely to get sebum and oil related breakouts.
  • When  applying Neem Healing Oil, make sure you are applying it on damp skin on top of the Eastern Goddess Neroli Toning spray – all you need is a few drops for your whole face. Applying too much oil, is counterproductive. A little goes a long way.
  •   Superfruit and Jasmine Antioxidant Cream can be applied day or night. If you feel like your skin is moist enough in the morning and you don’t need extra moisture, you can skip the face cream.
  •   Neroli Toning Spray is gentle enough to be applied anytime and also serves as aromatherapy, as neroli is known to provide calm and happy feelings and can relieve stress and anxiety.
  •  The Neem Oil Soap is recommended for Oily skin types, for those with more sensitive/combination/acne prone skin – our Herbal Skin Healing Cleanser is a better choice.
  •  You can choose any of these products all by themselves, however, this guide is intended to provide you with a complete all natural skin care routine as this is something many of our customers inquire about and the products do work better when used together as a natural skincare routine system.