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Vintage Themed Baby Shower and Soap Favors

Vintage Themed Baby Shower Soap Favors

This past weekend, one of my best friend's threw her two beautiful, expecting sisters a lovely vintage themed baby shower! The theme, the setting, the decor and everything came together just perfectly...and what made me smile was how much everyone, including the guests of honor, loved the natural soap favors by Athar'a!
The "Vintage" theme of this baby shower was executed beautifully, as my girlfriend, the host of this shower paid a lot attention to all the details of every aspect of the shower. The unique soap favors had two different looks, one was the vintage lace look and the other was placed in linen bags with hemp cords - both bags were decorated with a variety of embellishments with the help of other assistant hosts, AKA, friends of the expecting mommies :) 

There was no rhyme or reason when decorating these cute little linen and lace favor bags, the host bought some pretty flower, beads, crystal, lace and ribbon embellishments and with the help of a hot glue gun...we got to work!
Inside the bags were two different types of soaps - one was our Sweet Summer Orange Natural Vegan Body Soap, infused with notes of Ylang Ylang and Apricot Seeds for exfoliation and the other one we made for this shower was a beautiful Purple Lilacs and Lilies body soap. Here's an added bonus...both soaps are vegan and cruelty-free and they smelled intoxicating! The soaps deliver aromatherapy benefits in addition to providing a sulfate and paraben-free luxurious lather and showering experience. 
Here are the results of how the soap favors turned out - each one was tagged with the names of our expecting mommies and the date of the shower in a vintage style script font, on the bags of these tags were Athar'a logos. All the soaps were placed in baskets of wicker and a gold wrought iron one for the lace and placed on a vintage style drink cart...take a look and let me know your thoughts! 
Vintage Themed Baby Shower
Sara Sonia Davoodi
Owner & Creator

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