7 Simple Tips for Naturally Beautiful Skin

7 Simple Tips for Naturally Beautiful Skin at Any Age

7 Tips for Beautiful Skin

 STAY HYDRATED: This is nothing new, but drinking plenty of water throughout the day not only boosts your overall health, but it will significantly improve your skin. Staying hydrated prevents premature aging, dry skin and gives you a glow as opposed to lackluster skin, give your water a boost by infusing it with lemons, cucumbers and other fruits for added nutrients.


2)     EAT the RAINBOW: Choosing fruits and vegetables from a variety of colors, especially leafy greens will give you a multitude of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to literally feed your skin and overall health and beauty.

3)     GET PLENTY of SLEEP: In order to turnover and rejuvenate skin cells, your body needs proper rest – when you’re tired, it shows up on your skin, it makes your eyes get red, sunken in, you might get bags, puffiness or dark circles…I know most of us don’t want that. Shoot for a solid 7-8 hours of sleep per night, your skin and energy levels will thank you!

4)     CHOOSE ALL NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS: No matter how expensive those luxury, department store beauty products are, most of them are unfortunately filled with toxins and harmful chemicals that can do more harm in the long run than good. Choose all natural, plant based beauty and skin care products that are safe, effective and prevent premature aging, skin ailments and other issues. Truly, 100% pure and natural, vegan beauty products are more likely to not only improve your skin and give you back that glow now, they will improve your skin and prevent damage in the long haul!

5)     KEEP YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACK HEALTHY: Digestive issues show up on your skin. One of the most important and effective ways to keep your skin health in check is by making sure you are taking good care of your digestion.  Eating healthy and staying hydrated as we stated above,  will definitely help in this area, but if you have other digestive issues, if you are not regular and you are constipated, this will show up on your skin.  Probiotics can help regulate you and help improve your skin.

6)     KEEP YOUR HORMONES AND VITAMINS IN CHECK: Hormonal issues and digestion are probably the number one cause for issues like acne. If you are having acne flare- ups or suffering from acne, talk to your physician about getting your hormones checked. Vitamin deficiencies can also lead to a multitude of skin issues from acne to premature aging, supplements like zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin D and Omega 3s can all help improve skin health. Just be sure that your supplements don’t replace a healthy diet.

7)     EXERCISE AND STAY ACTIVE: You already know that staying active and exercising are good for your health, but you may not realize that it’s actually also great to keep your skin cells healthy and youthful! Exercising increases circulation and blood flow, that in turn nourish skin cells to keep them vibrant and healthy!

So the moral here is, keeping your skin, healthy, beautiful and youthful isn’t super complicated and shouldn’t involve expensive treatments and procedures that either don’t work or do more harm than good. Choosing a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, getting sleep and choosing all natural, organic beauty products can go a long way in helping your overall appearance, health and beauty.

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“After trying out the four steps for a week, I have to say that the Indian Glow Facial Scrub really stood out as an amazing product. Many exfoliators can be downright harsh, especially when you have naturally sensitive, dry skin like mine. This scrub is a luxuriously gentle mixture of sandalwood, turmeric, neem, rice powder and grapefruit powder that left my skin feeling soft and beautiful, not raw and stripped. After a week, I definitely noticed a difference in the brightness and clarity of my skin. And, like all other Athar’a products, I feel great about using this scrub because it is 100% organic, vegan, chemical-free and cruelty-free.”

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“I have switched to natural, organic, and nourishing products that my skin absolutely loves! I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and always knew that your body absorbs any toxins and chemicals in the products you use on your skin. I wanted to make the switch to more natural ingredients wherever I could! When Athar’a contacted me to try out their line of handmade, organic and vegan skin care products, I immediately went to read the ingredients and couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised. These products are full of nothing but organic fruits, oils, clays… things that come from the earth! You could literally eat these products! hehe. The best part about them is that they are actually effective! They leave my skin so hydrated and glowing. I seriously feel like I’m giving myself a spa treatment every day. I’m hooked! :)”

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