Dosha Quiz

 Dosha Quiz

This free Dosha test will help you determine your mind-body constitution - Vata, Pitta or Kapha, which are derived from 5 sources of energy. Knowing your Dosha or your Ayurveda Body Type and then making diet and lifestyle choices to keep your mind, body and environment in balance will help you live a healthier, vibrant life, improve your physical and mental health, as well as your skin and overall appearance.

Choose answers based on what describes your constitution best throughout your lifetime or at least in the last 3-5 years. Every individual has traits from all Doshas present, but each person has a dominant Dosha and many time will have a secondary dosha. Keep your primary dosha in mind as you navigate our site and learn more about your personal care routine.

Body Type

    I am thin, slender and don't gain weight easily. lighter, less dense bones (V)
    I have a medium build; compact, athletic and muscular (P)
    I am round, heavy or stocky and easily gain weight; large bones (K)


    Skin Type

    My skin is normal to dry, thin and itchy (V)
    My skin is oily in the T-zone, it tends to be sensitive (P)
    My skin is normal to oily, soft and smooth; tendency to have large pores (K)

    Hair Type (without chemical treatments)

    My hair is dry, brittle or frizzy. Scalp gets dry, flaky, sometimes dandruff.(V)
    My hair is fine, it isn't dry or oily, but can get oily in patches. My scalp is sensitive to chemicals and prone to dandruff. (P)
    I have thick, lustrous hair that is shiny and my scalp can get slightly oily to the touch (K)

    Sleep Patterns

    I'm a light sleeper and awaken easily, I can't always remember my dreams. but when I do they are vivid and imaginative (V)
    I'm a moderate sleeper, usually need less than 8 hours to feel rested, I have active dreams, sometimes even violent ones (P)
    I'm a deep, heavy sleeper. I can sleep for long hours. I am not a morning person. (K)



    I am an active person, I like to be on the go (V)
    My actions are thoughtful, I am purposeful and precise (P)
    I am really easy going, I like to take my time and prefer a slower pace (K) 


    Emotions and When Under Stress

    I tend to worry and become nervous and anxious (V)
    I tend to become irritable, controlling, aggressive or angry (P)
    I might become withdrawn, but I am generally supportive and caring (K)



    I love art, travel, drawing, painting and dance. I like action (V)
    I like sports, politics, I am competitive and like to win (P)
    I enjoy nature, gardening, reading. I like to have fun (K)


    Body Temperature and Weather Preference

    My hands and feet are usually cold and I enjoy hot weather (V)
    I am usually warm and dislike hot weather, I sweat easily and prefer cool temperatures (P) 
    My skin feels cool to the touch, I like warm, but dry weather. I don't like cold, wet days (K)



    My mind races and I sometimes find it hard to focus, because I get excited about things. I change my mind often. (V)
    I am sharp, analytical and focused with good management and leadership skills, I have a good memory. (P)
    I like to go with the flow. I let others make decisions and plans, I am a slow learner, I learn by doing and repition (K)


    General Health Concerns

    Irregular digestion, constipation and depression or anxiety (V)
    Skin infections, acidity, heartburn, indigestion, hypertension (P)
    Allergies, congestion, weight gain, digestive issues (K)

    Count up the amount of V, P, and K's you have. The letter you have the most of indicates your dominant dosha. 

    V= Vata 
     Once you have determined your type, click on the link below to learn about your Dosha type and how to keep your dosha in balance.