Why Choose Cruelty Free Beauty Products

5 Reasons to Choose Vegan Cruelty-Free Skincare... Because Natural is Nicer

You probably already know that vegan and cruelty free skincare and beauty products are better, but from time to time you'll get someone asking you WHY? Why are cruelty free beauty or vegan skincare products better than commercial products? To answer some of your questions, we have put together the top 5 reasons! 

1. You'll be a Voice for the Voiceless

Sadly, animal testing is still A Thing in many countries, including the United States and despite more ethical, more reliable methods being available. Lab animals are treated as disposable, existing in fear and pain and suffering daily torture - all in the name of beauty. If you don't agree with it, why would you support it? Choose cruelty-free beauty instead!

2. Plant Power Rocks

Newsflash - animal ingredients are still commonly included in many beauty products. Shocking, right? Especially as all-natural, plant derived goodness has been used since ancient times for its skin-nourishing benefits. Seems our ancestors were pretty clued-up in terms of natural skincare, we should learn from them.

3. You'll be a Compassionate Catalyst for Change

Many true vegan and certified cruelty free skincare brands are independent, small businesses. By supporting smaller, ethically-minded businesses you can inspire change. True story. Vote with your purse, turn your friends on to your fave vegan beauty products, heck, scream your principles from the rooftops! Just be that influence. Do the math: more shoppers buying into the cruelty-free lifestyle = more major brands sitting up, taking notice, and changing their practices. Making better choices and influencing others can have a major impact on our furry friends. 

4. Your Conscience will be as Clear as Your Complexion

Adopting a non-toxic approach to skincare is better for your body and the environment. So ditch those harmful petrochemicals, synthetic colors, and skin irritants! Opt for vegan skin care products and you'll literally glow from the inside out!

5. Athar'a Pure Makes it Easy to Get on Board

At Athar'a Pure, we use only pure, natural ingredients in our oh-so-dreamy products, and we never test on animals. Our products are certified vegan and cruelty free by Leaping Bunny and Peta. Our all natural, vegan skincare line was created with Ayurveda beauty philosophy at its heart... using pure, plant based ingredients is not a new concept, it is actually rooted in ancient medicine and has been used for centuries to treat and heal skin ailments, without harming animals.