Black Willow Bark Charcoal Shaving Soap (Vegan, Organic)

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This Organic Black Willow Bark Shaving Soap bar will provide a pampering lather to the gentleman in your life. The Athar'a eucalyptus scented shaving soap is made with organic aloe (instead of water) to soothe and soften, plus loads of organic castor oil, calcium bentonite clay & extra glycerin for a rich creamy lather. Although created for men, the Eucalyptus scent is a neutral, natural scent that will work for women as well.DirectionsUse the 3" round bar with a shaving brush & mug, or rub it directly on moistened skin for a smooth, moisturizing shave. Recommended for: UnisexIngredients: premium saponified vegetable oils and butters (organic coconut, organic palm, organic extra virgin olive, organic castor, organic cocoa butter), organic aloe, calcium bentonite clay, vegetable glycerin, essential oils (eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, patchouli), black willow bark extract, activated bamboo charcoal, sea salt, black iron oxideglycerin for a rich creamy lather.